As your professional home cleaning service, we wanted to make you aware of what we are doing to protect you and your home from Coronavirus (COVID-19).

We know that having a clean and sanitized home is of the utmost importance to you and it is our highest priority to deliver this service to you in a safe manner.


We have taken several measures to protect you, your home and our employees so that you may have the peace of mind that your home is being disinfected properly according to CDC guidelines.

Here are the exposure reducing measures (recommended by OSHA & the CDC), that we have taken and you will notice being utilized in the cleaning of your home:

  • We have invested hours in educating ourselves and our employees on COVID-19 and have really become experts in the subject of avoiding & eliminating exposures that exist, as well as the proper cleaning & disinfecting methods.
  • When a team member is sick, they are instructed to stay home and given the option to use Paid Time Off or to make up the work in another week. We also pay employees during COVID-19 illness, under the CARES Act.
  • We text message each client the night before arrival to ask if anyone has had any type of illness that is contagious or has had symptoms of illness (including but not limited to cough, shortness of breath and fever) or been in contact with anyone who has. Our clients are very respectful of this practice and we are grateful for the way they guard the health of our team members by rescheduling their cleans in these circumstances.
  • We follow Safe Work Practices using Personal Protective Equipment including gloves & masks. We provide a plentiful supply of this for our employees and also provide them with goggles, shoe covers & aprons to be worn optionally. We change gloves when cleaning areas like the bathrooms & kitchen.
  • We will practice social distancing while cleaning your home.
  • We prevent cross contamination by properly washing our towels and mop heads. We use fresh, unused towels and 1-2 fresh, clean mop heads in every home.
  • Finally, use wonderful disinfecting cleaning products with an “EPA approved emerging viral pathogens claim” that has demonstrated effectiveness against viruses similar to Novel Coronavirus (2019 n-CoV). Our team members are fully trained on the appropriate concentration, application method and contact time for various surfaces. We love these products and are cleaning our own homes with them! If, however, you prefer we use a different household cleaner of yours, please contact our office to provide instructions.


  • Cleaning highly touched surfaces is an excellent way to prevent COVID-19. We clean surfaces that are frequently touched including doorknobs, faucets, counters, tables and more.
  • We use highly effective, quality cleaning products.
  • Cleaning gets rid of dust and mold, which can lessen allergies and allow our defenses to fight illness.
  • Living in a well-cleaned home relieves anxiety and improves our immune system.