Do you have a baby or a little one on the way? Needing a good sanitization of baby surfaces?

Schedule a Baby Clean!

Here’s what we’ll do:

  • Clean and Sanitize Baby Toys (one sink full/air dry)
  • Clean and Sanitize Bumbo
  • Clean and Sanitize High Chair
  • Clean and Sanitize Exersaucer
  • Clean and Sanitize Swing
  • Clean and Sanitize PlayPen
  • Replace Sheets in Crib (if preferred/no addl cost)
  • Clean and Sanitize Changing Table
  • Replace Changing Table Cover
  • Empty and Take Out Baby Trash (from Diaper Pail)
  • Spray Sanitizer in Diaper Pail
  • Sweep and Vacuum Hard Floors, then Steam Mop (up to 3 rooms)

Add On: Clean Baby Bottles (up to 10). Our maids know babies and will clean your bottles using one of the following methods according to your preference:  

  • Option 1) Hot soapy water, your bottle brushes, nipple brushes and drying rack.
  • Option 2) Microwave Steamer  
  • Option 3) Dishwasher  
  • Option 4) Electric Steamer  

We understand the need for effective yet gentle cleaning products that will disinfect.

That is why we use Clorox® Anywhere® Hard Surface.

Please visit for more information.