We guarantee our work

Indepedents can't deliver on their guarantees when there is no second set of eyes or supervisor.

We hire the right employees

New tax law requires the homeowner to become an "employer" if a person(s) makes more than $30 providing services. This means the Independent is now your employee and can't hire others.

We are dependable

There is no reputation to ensure you are dealing with a trustworthy individual. So it's really up to the Independent on their reliablitiy.

We’re insured and bonded

Almost all Independents aren't insured or bonded. This means if something is broken or misplaced, there is no guarantee that the items broken or misplaced will be replaced.

We pay Payroll Taxes for employees (not independent contractors).

Many times this means the Independent is not a legal worker in the United States. The person hiring (you) is responsible for paying all employee taxes.

We have a professional office

Independents don't have offices. Often times homeowners have no idea where to find the person cleaning their home except for a phone number. Again, if something should happen wouldn't you want to know where to find the person?