Agencies hire contractors. At Maid Affordable, we hire EMPLOYEES, not CONTRACTORS.

This is an intentional decision and one that we feel ensures we have a very solid, consistent, trustworthy team AND gives us the ability to impact the quality of our work to your standards. The IRS looks at a number of factors when determining whether a worker is an employee or an independent contractor. The items that we feel are non-negotiable when sending a worker into your home include the following:

An Employee:

Receives training from the company - This is so important to us! We TRAIN our employees to clean the Maid Affordable way. Agencies cannot "train" their contractors. They do simple screening, at most, before sending contractors into homes. Our employees don't simply complete a background check and receive a list to complete, they undergo a thorough training process and graduate from training before being sent to clean a home. We continually train our employees on the use of products, surfaces in your home, cleaning techniques, safety and last but certainly not least, SERVICE.

Works full time for the company - All of our employees are full-time. This is important for so many reasons!
    •    Reliability - Contractors are sporadic with their schedule and usually work for several different agencies part-time; that results in sporadic interruptions in your schedules (AKA = unreliable).
    •    Consistency- They are committed only to our company and our clients. That means they don't work for us today and someone else tomorrow. It also means that our clients will receive more consistency with who cleans their home from week to week. Full-time employees are more likely to stay with an employer long term.
    •    Loyalty - Full-time employees are more loyal. They put all of their heart and soul into one company and are usually in need of full-time work. This equates to employees who take their jobs seriously and want to satisfy clients in order to promote long-term relationships.
    •    Quality - Full time employees who perform the same work repeatedly develop a pattern and an eye for detail because of their repeated experience cleaning. They simply tend to have better quality when it comes to cleaning.
    •    Speed - Cleaning is labor-intensive and tiring! In our field, part-time employees have more trouble keeping up and tend to get less done on jobs. Full-timers build up endurance and speed. They so repeatedly clean that their bodies are used to the workload and are accustomed to moving quickly as well as bending, squatting and knealing to get to low areas. Just as a carpenter develops speed using tools in his toolbelt, full timers develop speed using their cleaning tools in their cleaning kits. This equates to more scrubbing for your dollar.

Is provided tools/cleaning supplies - we have so much experience in cleaning that we know the proper supplies and tools can make or break the quality of our cleans. We are very specific about which products we use in your home and ensure our maids have those items in their hands. They won't arrive with a kit full of stinky rags and dollar-store cleaning supplies, they'll have a kit full of professional cleaning supplies and fresh rags.

Receives direction/discipline from the company - as employers, we believe praise and rewards are critical to the development of a healthy team. Likewise, we know that there are times when we must be able to discipline or terminate an employment relationship when an employee is causing problems for clients with their attendance, quality of work, or is questionable. Having employees rather than contractors allows us to develop employees and strong teams.