Designed for busy households to help with the daily upkeep.

We visit your home 3 times per week to assist with the daily upkeep of routine cleaning tasks. See it as a mini clean to keep the chaos of a busy household at bay. There’s nothing like coming home to a house that has already had these tasks taken care of!

Here’s what we do:

*Empty trash cans that are more than 25% full

*Make beds

*Straighten pillows and throws on furniture, fold blankets

*Pick up towels in bathrooms and put in designated areas

*Wipe sinks and faucets 

*Collect clothing from floors and put in designated areas

*Collect dishes from around the house & wash (max 15 items)

*Clean counters in kitchen

*Clean breakfast table & straighten chairs

*Straighten shoes 

*Spray air-freshener (optional)